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                      Cygnus is a prominent constellation in the northern sky. Its name means "the Swan". It is known for peace, leadership, wisdom and benevolence. The 'white form epitomizes the purity of the swan and serves as a visual metaphor for virtues such as honesty, integrity, humility and self pride. Throughout history the Cygnus has been used as a symbol of prestige.

Just like the Cygnus constellation which never sets below the horizon, our Cygnus stars are always visible and shining bright; leading the way in making a positive impact on others. (click here to view more...)


                           Hercules is renowned for being physically strong and more importantly that he applied his strength for what he felt was fair and just. Hercules with his powerful force and positive attitude was able to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. He is now immortalised as a star constellation.

Our herculean stars shine just as brightly and when joined together as a house make a lasting impression on the wider school community that is clearly visible for all to see. (click here to view more...)


                  Orion is a constellationnamed after the greatest hunter in Greek mythology and is one of the most recongnisable constellations, being visibe throughout the world. Orion represents the power of invention and initiative, the importance of remaining safe and protected and is a symbol of success and victory.

Orion house includes a glittering array of stars who shine as role models and set a strong example for others to live up to. (click here to view more...)


                  Pegasus was known for his loyalty, helpful nature, spirit and power. He was considered a loyal servant of Zeus and his committment and constant support was rewarded by a constellation in the night sky in his honour. Pegasus is a symbol of strength and good judgement.

Our Pegasus stars can reach great heights and their flight to excellence will always enrich the lives of others. (click here to view more...)